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Self-Titled CD Released in the U.K.
Cherry Red / Morello


John Andrew Parks’ road to Nashville took him in many different directions from his Texan birthplace. His first recording contract, signed in Los Angeles at eighteen, proved a false start and he moved on to open a studio in New York City. A song he wrote, ‘Planet Texas’, turned him around again when it caught the ear of Kenny Rogers. Rogers recorded it, it became a gold record and its writer became a Capitol Records artist. This album, recorded in 1990, contains his own version of ‘Planet Texas’.

Texas Whirlwind Blows North

Vernon Morning Star 

It’s been over a week since John Andrew Parks entered the North Okanagan in his bus towing a classic blue-boy Harley, safely snugged into its own mini trailer... 

John Andrew Parks:  The Unique and Brightly Shining Star of 'Country-Eastern'

Empress Newsletter

John Andrew Parks was destined to become connected to the stars one way or another. From early on, his overall musical talents shone through as bright as the sun, and he would one day write the song "Planet Texas’, which would also become a hit for Kenny Rogers...  

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